Monday, August 4, 2008


Alright, i know cobwebs are growing but here, it's cleaning time! Finally classes start today. Why do i sound so happy? Because, i need classes to control my outings and finance. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. Ah well, Updates updates, here they are!

Thursday - 31 July

Again to Pavilion with Jane and S.Jin. Watched Mummy 3! Awesome! It was just as good as Dark Knight but of different genre. (No Jane i am not going to argue with you about Dark Knight being good and all. We do have different taste ok!) It's so funny the part where XXXXXXXXXX! No, I ain't going to spoil the story! Haha! But the part where Jane threw both of her arms up in the air on the cinema seat is THE FUNNIEST OF ALL!!! Hahahaha! I shall not elaborate more and exaggerate or she'll kill me! >.<>ess what's for lunch? Ichiban Boshi, DUH!! How can they not get sick of it? @@

Sue called and said she got hold of tickets to MTV Asia Awards in Genting. *faints* I couldn't sleep that night ok. Serious. Not that i can sleep early every other day anyway.

Moving on...

Friday - 1 August

Ms TYY's birthday. She is definitely one of the most blur person i have ever met. Since i didnt know what to get for her birthday, i brought her along to choose it, without her knowing. That's the fun part. So with her thinking that I was the one getting a watch, she got it from us instead. And she nearly bought the same watch before her bday. =.= Anyway, picture time!

The Bday girl with our present! whee~

The "cake". It was just a one buck marble cake from Giant! Hahaha!

Nah, it wasn't the real cake. Her face was like O_O when she saw the cake, guessed she expected more. LOL. So, her "bf" brought the cake in. Haha! But what's with her expression, i dont know.
After the bday song, Chern put down the cake on the table and we shouted "ta ke lun ta ke lun" (kiss) and the whole restaurant looked at us. Zzz. Great publicity indeed! Haha!

It was not supposed to be so ugly. Those people are just so unprofessional in cutting it.

Oh, Look! Bimbo! =X (She doesn't read my blog anyway, should be safe)

Oh, and talking about being lala! Hahaha! Nice one, Jean and WeiLiang!

Awww, Jean. You are just so adorable that I can't stop myself from putting your 'kawaii' pictures here! =) No need to thank me!

The three of you are just so so so adorable i had to enlarge this pic. Hahaha!

I know you'll be sad if you dont get revenge. So, is this enough for me to compensate for the previous pics? I think so! =) LOL!

Blurred group picture!~

Happy 20th Birthday TYY!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Chaos

And so when YY and i were on our back from ss15, there was a major traffic jam. Being the SAM PAT us, we decided to brave the jam and not take a detour. And luckily we did, BECAUSE!!!!!!

because because because!!! there were many onlookers nearby and since curiosity killed the cat, i mean, both of us were so SAM PAT, we peeped and went slowly AND we saw a forensic van. Okay, when you see the word Forensic (fine, it was forensiK in malay), first thing comes to mind, CSI! second thing, dead people. When we passed by we saw a black Ria with doors open with a pool of blood on the road. Damn creepy. But I was so SAM PAT till i forgot to take picture. But anyway it came out in the newspaper this morning.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight

"Because he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now... and so we'll hunt him... because he can take it... because he's not a hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... a Dark Knight..."

This quote is so so so yeng! Dark Knight is totally awesome! All the good critiques and high ratings. This movie is totally worthy to be watched over and over again.

Batman is just so cool and hot. He's just *drools* LOL!!! His new suit looks wayyyyy better than his previous ones.

The Joker. I thought people were saying how good he was just because out of respect since he, well, passed away. But then, his acting was really good. This character can be so horrifying in a minute and funny in the other. Respect!

Well, I will not say a lot about this movie so that I won't spoil it for you people. To sum it all, IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME. If you do not plan to watch it, omg, u have wasted your time reading this post. =.=

The results killed me. Emo emo emo. *drowns myself with dramas to forget the emo emo*

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Holiday

Ever since I got back from my trip down south, I've been going out out out every single day which explains me being freaking broke! Ah! I get it now. Wtf. But anyhow, short summary of this week.

Went Pavillion with S.Jin and Jane. Lol. Lunch and supper Ichiban Boshi. Seriously, now who is making thngs over-rated? People like Jane who can have Ichiban Boshi three meals everyday. Okay, I am exaggerating but it might be possible. Though I have to admit their Inari is yummilicious. And the Tempura Ice-Cream. And the spicy-but-not-spicy curry. And not forgetting the Salmon. And also...omg, result of Jane's brainwashing. @@ Watched Get Smart and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Wanted to have Journey in 3D but only available in selected places and since we loved the empty but spacious seats of Pavvy, I guess it was ok. Both the movies were good though, so is the rate of my money finishing.

Gym. Okay honestly I have not had MAJOR changes in my body so stop looking and me and say "Oh, you go for GYM???".

Shows, dramas, shows, dramas, movies, shows, dramas =)

Celebrated Tracey's Bday by going to IMU and watched S.Yiing performed Brangra Dance instead. Then rushed over to Pyramid's Itallianies for dinner. I am so numb towards Itallianies already, omg. Everyone's like "So, what's for dinner?" "Itallianies". =.= After that, headed over to Barcelona. Ugh, the uncles and lalas and... Had some unforseen circumstances but still had fun. Our table was near the bar so the bartenders were asking the girls to dance on the bar top and wow, why wasn't I surprised that some actually did. More surprising was this guy who stripped till his undies dirty-dancing with random women on the bartop. Yeah, not to say he has a good body but he has the guts or he was just drunk.But that was some entertainment! Haha. Wait till I get the pictures. Lol.

Today woke up with a slight headache and neck pain. Omg, worst combination. Went over to Klang for Bak Kut Teh lunch just to come back to Pyramid for movie. Petrol is damn cheap now is it? Zzzzz...Contributed some noise pollution and some disturbance to the other patrons in a cafe we went then watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D! Haha! 3D!!! It's not cheap but the effects were way better than the normal movie. Okay, I was crazy for watching it twice but 3D is definitely awesome! How many movies are 3D anyway. Go catch it if you have not. There must be a reason for me to watch a movie twice! Unless I have nothing else better to do. =.=

Darn UniSA! Can't they release the results all together at the same time!!! Hmph! What's with releasing results one by one! Argh! Chikuso! Emo ++

Friday, July 11, 2008


I do not know why i am so enthusiastic till posting 2 posts today but well...THANKS TO JANE! HAHA

I finally realised how bored I am when I am online. I love to draw! Haha. Let me share some with you.

This was when Mr Eiran Tan and I were so bored, we created our own company, EmoPrawn (i forgot where it came from) and this is a new product, PrawnMobile! Lol! Eh, I know it's lame but who knows what'll happen in the future right?

Next is, OH! Yes, I am not a banana. My chinese is quite good okay! And I like my drawing of the banana. Haha.

Hahahaha! And these happens when you watch too many dramas! NOBUTA POWER CHUUNYU!!!

Okay, I'm getting crazy, I'll better stop. Don't mind me, i am just lifeless today. Lol. Packed with events next week which means burning more holes in my pocket. Ah, well...this is YOUTH! Lol.



Have you ever felt that you can't wait for your holidays when you are having assignments and exams? And when you have holidays, you dreaded to go back to studying; provided that you have plans during your holidays. Or when you have super duper long holidays like I did (4months is REALLY long), you desperately wants classes to start. Although my holidays now is only a month but i'm feeling hm...not bored but more like a waste. Maybe because i had too much fun and thus me being broke already on the 2nd week of the month. *sigh* I need donations, please?

I think i need more 'life'. Tell me, what's life? Hm...

OMG, why do i sound emo. Argh, too many sad movies.

I guess i need MORE of these!!

P.S. Don't kill me. (Luckily TYY don't read blogs =X)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Durians and MORE Durians

Just when I thought my house do not smell like durians anymore.....Another batch of durians came and overpowered all of us, causing weight gains and bad breath. But, the satisfaction is worth it.haha.

Roughly about 3 weeks ago, a week before the end of sem where all the 50% assignments are due and an exam to sit for, my lovely daddy bought durians back at 1am. So, considering the fact that durians are so irresisteble plus my useless brother "motivating" me to eat, i fell for the deathtrap. I thought having durians as late night supper is okay UNTIL the next morning when i felt weird in my throat. Hooray! Mr SoreThroat is here! =.= Thus causing the durian phobia for the whole month.

And so i thought. Daddy bought durians AGAIN yesterday. My daddy's hobby is choosing durian, serious!!! besides sleeping, napping and resting (oh, is working counted?). SO!!! As I am typing this, I'm enjoying the durians! It's FINGER LICKING GOOD! (I checked, KFC's slogan is finger lickin' good so i ain't plagarising). Haha, I know, the guilt that come later but well..all girls (nearly) say the same thing "Aiya, never mind la..can lose weight after this, go diet later, enjoy first." Or something like that. But hey! Who could have resist the durians? I mean, it's the KING of the fruits after all! Just imagine the durian with a crown, I'm a photoshop idiot so i can't visualise it for you to see but use your imagination!!!

Okay, I should have enough talking about durians in this whole post but the temptation you know? You know? Haha, i shall end this with durian pictures!

Some of the durians above are in my stomach now. *Burp* haha! Yummy!~

Friday, July 4, 2008


I nearly, i said nearly NEARLY forgot about updating this blog but due to overwhelming responses, i decided to do otherwise, haha. Well, just got back from out neighboring country in the South and NO SOUVENIRS! Lol!

Come on, you don't get culture shock when u go Singapore ok. Besides the BETTER public transports, CLEANER streets, MORE varieties (food, books, CDs, DVDs etc.) and the most important thing; BETTER SALES!!! The sales is crazy but the consumers there are worse (no offense). Why worse? Because they flood shops like LV, Chanel, Burberry, Fendi as though those are cheap like pasar malam. I didn't manage to get the picture but just imagine a shop having 70%-90% sales, the people were acting like that. Oh well, can that be counted as culture shock?

Although there were crazy sales but I didn't buy much, sadly. Because I am saving the money to go on trips with u people! Come on! Plan some trips for me to go!!!

MOS Burger!!! When only will they come to Malaysia? Rice burgers are good!!!

And this is the shrimp burger i had. The first picture was the poster picture of the burger which made me want to have it.

And this picture is the real burger i ordered. =.= A BIG difference indeed. Cheat me! hmph!!!

This is the real reason why i didn't do much shopping. Lol! My First KAT-TUN album! It's S$44.95 and it took me like, half a day to think about it. Ah! *continue living in denial* It's worth it!!! Worth it!!!

And this cute little doggie in my cousin's house. Lol.

By the way, Jusco is really bias. If you have a Jusco card, then you are a

good customer! But if you are not then, LOL. How bias...tsk tsk.

Wow, long post! whee~ Oh ya, i decided not to edit the previous post because Blogger is quite slow. =X