Monday, August 4, 2008


Alright, i know cobwebs are growing but here, it's cleaning time! Finally classes start today. Why do i sound so happy? Because, i need classes to control my outings and finance. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. Ah well, Updates updates, here they are!

Thursday - 31 July

Again to Pavilion with Jane and S.Jin. Watched Mummy 3! Awesome! It was just as good as Dark Knight but of different genre. (No Jane i am not going to argue with you about Dark Knight being good and all. We do have different taste ok!) It's so funny the part where XXXXXXXXXX! No, I ain't going to spoil the story! Haha! But the part where Jane threw both of her arms up in the air on the cinema seat is THE FUNNIEST OF ALL!!! Hahahaha! I shall not elaborate more and exaggerate or she'll kill me! >.<>ess what's for lunch? Ichiban Boshi, DUH!! How can they not get sick of it? @@

Sue called and said she got hold of tickets to MTV Asia Awards in Genting. *faints* I couldn't sleep that night ok. Serious. Not that i can sleep early every other day anyway.

Moving on...

Friday - 1 August

Ms TYY's birthday. She is definitely one of the most blur person i have ever met. Since i didnt know what to get for her birthday, i brought her along to choose it, without her knowing. That's the fun part. So with her thinking that I was the one getting a watch, she got it from us instead. And she nearly bought the same watch before her bday. =.= Anyway, picture time!

The Bday girl with our present! whee~

The "cake". It was just a one buck marble cake from Giant! Hahaha!

Nah, it wasn't the real cake. Her face was like O_O when she saw the cake, guessed she expected more. LOL. So, her "bf" brought the cake in. Haha! But what's with her expression, i dont know.
After the bday song, Chern put down the cake on the table and we shouted "ta ke lun ta ke lun" (kiss) and the whole restaurant looked at us. Zzz. Great publicity indeed! Haha!

It was not supposed to be so ugly. Those people are just so unprofessional in cutting it.

Oh, Look! Bimbo! =X (She doesn't read my blog anyway, should be safe)

Oh, and talking about being lala! Hahaha! Nice one, Jean and WeiLiang!

Awww, Jean. You are just so adorable that I can't stop myself from putting your 'kawaii' pictures here! =) No need to thank me!

The three of you are just so so so adorable i had to enlarge this pic. Hahaha!

I know you'll be sad if you dont get revenge. So, is this enough for me to compensate for the previous pics? I think so! =) LOL!

Blurred group picture!~

Happy 20th Birthday TYY!

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